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 Volleyball Schedule
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Schedule for 2016-17 Volleyball
 DayTime OpponentScore Record 
 197:00 PM vs. Point Park UniversityW-18-25,25-16,16-25,27-25,15-10recap1-0 Details
 Volley In The Mountains Tournament
 201:00 PM vs. Life UniversityL-14-25,16-25,16-251-1 Details
 Volley In The Mountains Tournament
 5:00 PM vs. Keiser UniversityL-18-25,17-25,21-251-2 Details
 Volley In The Mountains Tournament
 212:00 PM vs. Shawnee State UniversityL-15-25,16-25,28-26,25-20,10-15recap1-3 Details
 Volley In The Mountains Tournament
306:30 PM vs. Allen UniversityW-25-16,25-11,25-11recap2-3 1-0Details
317:00 PM @ UNC-AshevilleL-25-20,25-16,25-15 Details
 212:00 PM vs. Siena Heights UniversityL-25-23,22-25,22-25,15-252-4 Details
 Battlefield Tournament
 6:00 PM vs. University of Rio GrandeL-25-15,25-22,25-122-5 Details
 Battlefield Tournament
 310:00 AM vs. Point Park UniversityL-25-13,25-19,25-15recap2-6 Details
 Battlefield Tournament
 12:00 PM vs. Lawrence UniversityL-25-18,25-20,25-14recap2-7 Details
 Battlefield Tournament
 76:30 PM @ Southern Wesleyan UniversityL-25-15,25-22,25-20recap2-8 Details
101:00 PM @ Columbia CollegeL-25-23,25-22,19-25,25-21recap2-9 1-1Details
136:30 PM vs. Reinhardt UniversityW-23-25,25-20,25-15,21-25,17-153-9 2-1Details
1711:00 AM @ Tennessee WesleyanL-25-22,26-28,25-18,20-25,15-11recap3-10 2-2Details
1:00 PM vs. Bryan CollegeW-22-25,17-25,23-25recap4-10 3-2Details
206:00 PM @ St. Andrews CollegeL-25-19,21-25,23-25,25-23,15-124-11 3-3Details
241:00 PM vs. Bluefield CollegeL-12-25,13-25,27-294-12 3-4Details
3:00 PM @ Truett-McConnell CollegeW-21-25,25-23,18-25,19-255-12 4-4Details
276:30 PM @ Allen UniversityW-11-25,16-25,21-25recap6-12 5-4Details
111:00 AM vs. Point UniversityW-25-18,19-25,25-12,25-11recap7-12 6-4Details
3:00 PM vs. Milligan CollegeW-25-22,26-24,25-20recap8-12 7-4Details
46:30 PM vs. Union CollegeL-23-25,26-24,10-25,22-25recap8-13 7-5Details
116:30 PM vs. Columbia CollegeL-14-25,25-19,20-25,25-23,16-188-14 7-6Details
 137:00 PM @ Bob Jones UniversityW-21-25,19-25,16-259-14 Details
1511:00 AM @ Bryan CollegeL-25-11,25-19,25-149-15 7-7Details
1:00 PM vs. Tennessee WesleyanL-19-25,25-19,21-25,25-23,9-159-16 7-8Details
186:00 PM vs. St. Andrews CollegeW-25-21,25-17,25-15recap10-16 8-8Details
 Dig for the Cure
2211:00 AM vs. Bluefield CollegeW-18-25,25-15,22-25,25-19,15-10recap11-16 9-8Details
3:00 PM vs. Truett-McConnell CollegeW-26-24,25-19,23-25,13-25,16-14recap12-16 10-8Details
 Senior Day
256:30 PM @ Reinhardt UniversityW-21-25,16-25,23-25recap13-16 11-8Details
291:00 PM vs. Point UniversityW-7-25,25-27,21-2514-16 12-8Details
3:00 PM @ Milligan CollegeL-23-25,26-24,25-11,25-1614-17 12-9Details
16:30 PM @ Union CollegeL-25-7,25-12,25-22recap14-18 12-10Details
 104:30 PM vs. St. Andrews CollegeL-18-25,25-21,20-25,11-25stats - recap14-19 Details
 AAC Tournament Opening Round
 JV- Volleyball Schedule
  • * Conference Event
  • % Scrimmage
  • ^ Exhibition
  • Home events are in bold
Schedule for 2016-17 JV- Volleyball
 DayTime OpponentScore Record 
 282:00 PM vs. Vance-Granville CCW-28-26,17-25,15-61-0 Details
 4:00 PM vs. Brevard CollegeL-29-31,25-23,6-151-1 Details
 86:30 PM vs. Laurel UniversityL-26-24,25-22,14-25,16-25,7-151-2 Details
 Laurel is now known as John Wesley University
 126:30 PM @ Brevard CollegeL-25-10,25-22,25-131-3 Details
 156:00 PM vs. Spartanburg MethodistL-13-25,23-25,19-251-4 Details
 204:00 PM @ St. Andrews CollegeL-25-15,25-231-5 Details
 36:30 PM vs. Brevard CollegeL-18-25,25-20,22-25,20-251-6 Details
 44:30 PM vs. Union CollegeW-7-25,25-20,15-132-6 Details
 77:00 PM @ Davidson Community CollegeL-25-23,25-22,25-182-7 Details
 184:00 PM vs. St. Andrews CollegeL-25-20,21-25,19-252-8 Details
 196:30 PM @ Spartanburg MethodistL-25-10,25-14,25-172-9 Details
 266:00 PM @ Laurel UniversityL-25-17,25-20,26-28,25-232-10 Details
 14:30 PM @ Union CollegeL-25-10,25-182-11 Details
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